The former England captain, David Beckham is said to earn a whopping £71,000 per day in the year 2016 to boost his £280 million net worth. His earning makes him one of the richest celebrities in the UK.

In just seven months, the former Manchester United player’s new company, Seven Global LLP is said to make a hefty sum of £8.6 million in profit. Apart from this brand, Beckham footwork Productions Company has been able to record another £11.4 million profit for the use of Beckham’s image and name.

His income also comes in from his DB ventures and Lifestyle Company, with a sum of £3.8million reportedly paid into the company for his collaboration with some popular brands.

According to a source:

“There is no stopping brand Beckham. Even though he has long retired from football David’s empire keeps on growing. He is a savvy businessman and surrounds himself with like-minded people. The latest figures are staggering but it is no real surprise.’’

From the records gathered, 2017 looks brighter for the sporting tycoon. However, in a related development, David Beckham and Ron Dennis were said to have a little disagreement over the seating plan at a luxury resort in the Maldives.

Dennis, the ex-chairman of the formula 1 team and his entourage were said to spill over to the seat allocated to families of Beckham and Gordon Ramsey.

When asked to vacate the seat, Dennis reportedly ignored the order, saying that he also spent a lot at the resort. Beckham confronted Dennis due to the development where some verbals were exchanged.

Before now, due to a charity request from Dennis, at an England match, Beckham reportedly donated his Wembley box which shows that the duo have been in good terms.

However, report has it that Dennis has tendered an apology the next day and since then the differences have been resolved.