Beckham is optimistic aboutZidane’s new managerial role in Madrid

David Beckham and ZinedineZidane played alongside each other in Real Madrid a few years ago during the era of the: ‘’Galacticos’’, this was a period of time when the Spanish club offloaded a huge amount of money in signing world class players including: Ronaldo, Zidane, Beckham and Figo.

Those were the main stars of the team, Real Madrid still had other top players but those were the bigger ones which had more influence than the rest and were considered to be key figures.

June 17 of 2007 marked the day that David Beckham played his final match for Real Madrid before eventually going off to join LA Galaxy.Zidane on the other hand, played his last match in May of 2006 but the Frenchman decided to remain with Real Madrid as he took up a managerial position for the 2nd team of Real Madrid, their youth academy.

As the year passed on, Zidane continued earning his coaching badges and now he has turned into the head coach of Real Madrid. Rafael Benitez was recently sacked and now ZinedineZidane was selected as his replacement. Beckham voiced his opinion concerning this change and the English midfielder says that Zidane is the best choice.

Beckham wrote on his twitter account: “Does it get any better than this? A man that has been the best at a game we all love taking over a club that myself and many more people love. Someone with drive, passion and also doesn’t accept failure on any level taking over from a manager that has huge experience and respect in the game, but taking on a position that he will relish. The best person for the job’’

ZinedineZidane is regarded as one of the best players of his generation but this doesn’t mean that the Frenchman is going to enjoy the same kind of success now as a manager but Beckham is backing him up as someone who can take charge of the main team.