24 thoughts on “Beckham makes PSG debut | ATW #10

  1. MrRyanS21

    You’re telling me I watched through some stupid ad and you don’t even show his debut

  2. Ivan mas

    No puedo creer que pongan un noticia de boca, aunque no sea tan buena me da mucho orgullo ver que mi equipo de argentina aparezca en las noticias de una página de Youtube inglesa. Vamos xeneize

  3. SweKryptonite

    The amount of people on youtube or internet in general who ask these stupid quetsitons, is insane. What pointless question.. Asking what column the points stand for, when he could have spent 10 sec. more then figured how it works.

  4. XCILE625

    Alright, you don’t have to be a rotten apple about it. You’re so angry, you need some help, just to calm yourself down.

  5. iEnjoyedYourVideo

    I would explain to you what I did when I read the tables, I did actually pause to try and figure it out, but you’re too much of an asshole to care.

  6. SweKryptonite

    It would be much easier if you had paused the video, look at that table… Used your head, and stopped being a retard.. Then you`d maybe figured how that table works. You just wanted to say something, just for the cause of saying something. So stupid and pointless question.

  7. iEnjoyedYourVideo

    not everybody has an affinity for maths, it would be much easier for everyone if the columns were labelled.

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