Beckham Treats His Mother To A Wimbledon Match

With England’s dismal performance in the Premier League it should come as no surprise that many want the coach of the team to be someone different this time.

Among the several names that have been coming up, Beckham’s name has been on the list. Having captained England for several years and led them into several victories, it is being felt that the leadership skills of Beckham would work well to get the team together to perform better in future tournaments.

Beckham is known to have been a great leader when he was active on the field. Today he is part of most welfare campaign such as spreading awareness about basic hygiene in developing countries to help prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS or assisting in campaigns of encouraging the game of football in countries like China. On a personal front the ex footballer has been celebrating his seventeenth anniversary with his wife and also attending the Wimbledon matches with his mother. Both of them went to watch the Andy Murray’s match recently that was being played out on the court. He purchased one of the coveted seats for his mother, the Royal Box in Center Court.

It has been said that it has seated several great people like Sir Chris Hoy. Kim, the wife of the number one player in British tennis played the third round against John Millman. In the game where Andy Murray beat his opponent, John Millman, the game was adorned with several celebrities on the hot seats of Wimbledon. When Beckham came in there was a round of applause and he looked dapper in a three piece suit, the perfect clothing for a formal game of tennis in the coveted Wimbledon venue. Many pictures of the gathering were found on several blogs and Beckham’s fans definitely had a field day.