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Both David Beckham and Robbie Keane will not be part of the squad that will play in the Champions League against Puerto Rico because the manager has decided to leave most of the squad with the view of keeping them fresh for the rest of the campaign. Alongside Landon Donovan, both David Beckham and Robbie Keane have an important role in the squad.

Due to the fact that both Robbie Keane and David Beckham coming to the end of their careers, the manager Bruce Arena decided to not take these players for the match against Puerto Rico, even though its a bit like Barcelona leaving Lionel Messi at home!

He has said that this is the third game for the club in the space of a week, which has put tremendous pressure on the resources he has at its disposal. Further, it would have meant that David Beckham and Robbie Keane would have been overused. So, he decided it is best for them to remain home under this situation, which would mean that they would be fresh for the remainder of the season. LA Galaxy come into the match with comfortable lead under the favourites to go to the next round. Following this match, LA Galaxy will be having only a few days of recovery before they take on Toronto.

“We’re just in a week where we’re playing three games. We’ll have some different players on the field that we did in the first game. But we’ll have a mixture of players. When you’re out awhile, it takes some time to get fit. I was a little tired towards the end of last week when I came out, but I think if I had to go 10 or 15 more minutes, then I could have gone through it. The only caveat to that is that this is a different environment. It’s hotter, it’s humid and that could play into it,” said Bruce Arena.


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The star midfielder of Real Madrid, Kaka, is reportedly on the radar of the American club Los Angeles Galaxy. The club wants an experienced midfielder to replace David Beckham in the team. Beckham’s contract with Galaxy will expire in December this year and most probably, the English midfielder would be leaving the club after that.  According to some reports, Beckham, who is 37 years of age now, is planning to retire from professional football. So, Galaxy is looking for a midfielder of the caliber of Beckham and Kaka is the first choice of the club. However, Kaka is also on the radar of his former club AC Milan and the Milan authorities are still pretty confident of signing Kaka before the closure of the transfer window.

However, Beckham hasn’t yet confirmed that he would leave Galaxy after the completion of his contract. A few days ago, on being asked about his future with Galaxy, Beckham had said that he hadn’t yet thought about signing a new deal with Galaxy. He was not sure at that point of time. Beckham has been playing for Galaxy since the last 5 years. He had signed for Galaxy in 2007. He had joined the American club on a contract of 5 years. Beckham featured for Galaxy for the first time in a pre season friendly match against Chelsea. He came to play in the 78th minute of the match. Immediately after joining the club, Beckham was announced as the captain of Galaxy. During his 5 year tenure at Galaxy, Beckham has been placed on loan two times. On both the occasions, he played for AC Milan.

Beckham had arrived in USA with an amazing reputation and Galaxy had massive hopes with him. But, the Englishman hasn’t been able to perform exquisitely for the club. But, even after that the club doesn’t want to release Beckham. According to some reports, the authorities of Galaxy are still trying to convince Beckham to re-sign for the club.


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LA Galaxy star David Beckham has admitted that he does miss the ability to live in the United Kingdom. David Beckham is regarded to be one of the icons of the British football after having represented some of the biggest clubs in the world including the likes of Manchester United, Real Madrid and AC Milan.

He is currently playing for MLS side LA Galaxy, but came extremely close to moving back to Europe with French club Paris St Germain. However, negotiations broke the final stages between the former England midfielder and the French club. This saw David Beckham extend his deal with the MLS side by two more years.

Many think that it could be tough to see the 37-year-old return to England due to the fact that both his children and wife enjoy staying in the United States. David Beckham has already said that his preference will be to stay where his kids and wife enjoy the most. Hence, it is looking unlikely that Beckham will be back for a permanent stay in the United Kingdom. Beckham recently sold his mansion in the UK, but he recently admitted in an interview that he does miss life in England.

“I am always tempted to come back to England but it’s a critical time for [my] children” he told Man Utd news. “I do miss London. Going for pie and mash with my mum and dad, and also going to see my nan. I haven’t got the call yet. But my view on that is it should be an Olympian. That’s my view. If I’m offered it, it would be hard to say no,” said David Beckham in a recent interview. David Beckham’s current contract with the MLS club does not come to an end until 2013. He could be set for an England return as part of the Team GB squad.


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LA Galaxy star David Beckham has said that he is very confident that the club can overturn a poor start to the season to win the MLS title this season. Much was expected of Los Angeles Galaxy at the start of the season when they signed Robbie Keane from England. However, things have not turned out so well in the first few matches of the season when LA Galaxy suffered surprising defeat at the hands of lower opposition. Now, they seem to be slowly coming back to form, which has been largely due to the return of both David Beckham and Landon Donovan to form.

After getting a point from the match against Dallas on Saturday, David Beckham said that he is being positive about the whole situation surrounding the club. He also said that he expects LA Galaxy to start competing in matches sooner rather than later. Robbie Keane missed the penalty in the 1-1 draw with Dallas, which meant that the club was unable to get all three points from the match. As a result, they remain in the seventh position in the table has played seven matches in this season. In the Western Conference, the San Jose earthquakes continue to lead the table with 19 points on board.

“Sometimes it (poor form) happens in soccer and we’ll get it right, we’ll score the goals when we really need to, I’m sure, but we’ll need to pretty soon. Overall, we’ve earned the point tonight at least,” the former England captain said. “There’s no conversation (about the penalty miss). I just told Robbie I wanted him to take it. He did everything right except he just mishit it a little bit. It’s a guy who has taken many penalties and made many penalties and I am sure next time he takes one it’ll go in,” Donovan said.


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Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi has managed to push David Beckham to the second spot in the earnings list for footballers. The football rich list for this year has been recently published. According to it, former Manchester United midfielder David Beckham has been pushed to the second spot by Lionel Messi. David Beckham has always been viewed as the marketing icon in the world football. He has been able to create a huge income stream from merchandising alone, which has been responsible for keeping him at the top of the tree even after entering into the sunset years of his career.

According to the rich list, Beckham comes second only to Lionel Messi by a very small margin. Lionel Messi‘s is thought to make around £ 27.5 million per season, while Beckham brings in £ 26.2 million each season. Real Madrid midfielder Cristiano Ronaldo comes third in the list with £ 24.3 million. A significant portion of the income for David Beckham came through merchandising due to the fact that his salary from LA Galaxy amounts to only £ 3.9 million. This is amongst the lowest in the top 20 list, but Beckham has been able to retain the charisma through this merchandising deals, which bring him around £ 21.5 million annually.

Former Inter Milan striker Samuel Eto’o is currently the top when it comes to annual salaries, as he is thought to earn around £ 16.5 million just from his wages alone. The Cameroon striker moved to the Russian club Anzhi Makhachkala in the summer. The cash-rich club are prepared to pay Samuel Eto’o this huge sum, which makes him earn twice as Lionel Messi from his contract. Wayne Rooney has entered into the top five due to the mega deal he recently signed with Manchester United, which brings in £ 11.4 million annually.


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Former Manchester United star David Beckham has said that Harry Redknapp would make a great manager for England following the wake of Fabio Capello’s resignation as the England manager. Fabio Capello decided to step down from his post as the England manager after suffering serious breakdown in relationship with the English football Association over the goal of the captain’s armband from Chelsea captain John Terry. The surprise resignation of Fabio Capello has brought a major hindrance towards the preparations for the Euro 2012 in the summer. The English football Association has revealed that it is working towards appointing a manager in place of Fabio Capello as soon as possible.

Harry Redknapp is one of the favourites to take over from Fabio Capello. The current Tottenham manager has been doing a great job for the North London club over the past few years. He has not only been able to guide Tottenham to a Champions League position, but has also guided them to the quarter-finals of the Champions League and also to a position where they can challenge for the title. Tottenham can be considered as outsiders for the Premier league title this season, as there are only a few points away from leaders Manchester City.

“Harry’s a great man, great manager. His man management is incredible. I know players, obviously, who have played under him. I’ve trained under him. He’s not just a great manager but he’s a great person as well. I’ve been working with Fabio for quite a few years. It’s sad, obviously that he stepped at a critical stage for England,” Beckham told reporters. Former England captain David Beckham played under Fabio Capello at Real Madrid and also at international level, although they both did not get along well in both levels of their careers.


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David Beckham is thought to be open to a return to MLS side LA Galaxy, but his return to the American club has been delayed due to contract talks. David Beckham was extremely close to signing for French club PSG, but decided to pull out at the last minute due to some intricate details.

It is thought that David Beckham has offered up to £ 18 million for 18 months with the French club, but family seems to have played a major role in the former Manchester United player deciding not to move to the French League.

David Beckham has always maintained that family comes first at this point in his career. Hence, it has been accepted that the former England international will be returning to LA Galaxy after signing a new contract, but he is yet to complete his return. There have been a few problems in terms of the negotiations, which seems to have prevented Beckham from announcing his return to LA Galaxy. David Beckham signed for LA Galaxy back in 2007 on a contract that was thought to be worth around US$ 50 million each year. Even though the basic salary for David Beckham is around $ 6 million per year, he is thought to be extremely rewarded when it comes to the merchandise income.

“Yes of course if he wants to come in, no problem. I have not spoken to him, but if he wants to, we would love him back here. To have him around the place last year was brilliant,” Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp said when asked about the possibility of signing David Beckham. The possibility of David Beckham returning to Manchester United along with 36-year-old Paul Scholes has also been rejected without any second thoughts from the David Beckham camp.

Beckham off to Paris?

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When David Beckham’s LA Galaxy contract ends on the 31st of December, where will he head next? At the age of 36 you would be forgiven for thinking he might be on the verge of hanging his boots up – or at least of finding a club to settle down at for the remaining years of his illustrious career.

But according to French Newspaper Le Parisien, Beckham will soon be heading to Paris Saint Germain. The alleged salary is a massive €800,000 per month, with other perks thrown in such as a house in a fashionable quarter of the French Capital, and places at the British School in Paris for David’s 3 children.

The only slight hitch that Le Parisien seems not to have noticed is that the official line from Beckham is quite different – he is still considering both a continuation of his current contract, and even offers from other clubs eager to buy one of the most experienced players in the modern game. “No agreement has been reached with any club yet, talk of a deal is premature. David wasn’t in Paris over the weekend, contrary to media reports. He is still in discussion with a number of clubs, including LA Galaxy,” said a spokesperson. The move to Paris Saint Germain would of course mean uprooting the family from their California home, and this is understood to be one of the major factors being considered.

Gerrard Houllier, who has managed both Liverpool and Paris Saint Germain in the past, still believes Beckham can be the “decisive” player in any match. Although the ex-England and Manchester Uniter player has obviously slowed up in recent years, his long passing and crossing skills are virtually unrivalled and most teams would be delighted to have such an experienced and naturally leading figure in the dressing room.

“He can make the difference in a big game with a pass, a cross, or a free kick,” Houllier said recently. “I don’t know exactly what shape Beckham’s in, but if defenders don’t mark him closely enough, he can put the ball on a teammate’s head with uncanny precision.”

David Beckham

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David Robert Joseph Beckham, or David Beckham as he is popularly called, is an English football player who now plays for Major League Soccer side LA Galaxy. He is one of the most celebrated English players, and he has so far represented the likes of Manchester United, Real Madrid, and AC Milan. He is also the current holder of the record number of appearances, which currently stands at 115, for the England national team. David Beckham began his career at Manchester United by joining their youth ranks at the age of 14.

However, Tottenham was first club that David Beckham has played for as a youth player. Since joining Manchester United in 1991, David Beckham never looked back and soon made his professional debut for the Manchester club. His debut came in 1992 when he was just 17 years old. He went on to lift various trophies with Manchester United including the Champions League trophy 1999. He also oversaw the most successful era in Manchester United’s history, which included lifting a famous treble in 1999.

Manchester United won the Premier League, FA Cup, and the UEFA Champions League in one season and David Beckham played a major role in that. During this Manchester United career, David Beckham won an impressive six Premier League titles, two FA Cup titles, one Intercontinental Cup, one FA Community Shield, and one UEFA Champions League title.

Despite winning all these titles, David Beckham fell out of favour with manager Sir Alex Ferguson during the 2003 season.
It ultimately led him to exit Manchester United, but found no shortage of takers. Eventually, David Beckham transferred to Real Madrid in 2003 for a fee thought to be in the range of £25 million. David Beckham brought a new dimension to the marketing strategy at Real Madrid, as he helped the club achieve the dreams of dominating the world in terms of revenues generated. David Beckham was also the part of the famous Galaticos era at Real Madrid. He played alongside some of the greatest players in the world like Zinedine Zidane, Ronaldo, Luis Figo, and Roberto Carlos.

Despite the presence of a number of stars including David Beckham, the Real Madrid side largely underachieved. As a result, David Beckham lifted only the La Liga title with Real Madrid in 2007. Incidentally, it was also his last year at Real Madrid as it was announced that he would be leaving the club the following the end of the season. David Beckham then signed a contract with Major League Soccer side LA Galaxy, which was reported to be worth around $250 million. He had signed a five-year contract with the United States team, and is continuing to play there.

Internationally, David Beckham has experienced a lot of personal success, although team success has mostly eluded him. So far, he has made 115 appearances for England and scored 17 goals in the process. Of the 17 goals, he will probably be best remembered for the free kick against Greece in the final few minutes that took England to the European Championships.