25 thoughts on “David Beckham H&M Inspired Hairstyle With Asian Hair Using By Vilain Gold Digger Wax

  1. Edward Lee

    would you think this hair style would look better if the sides where
    trimmed shorter? or would that just look weird?

  2. Tealee

    With straight hair, it’s difficult to achieve the slicked back look. In
    most cases that I’ve tried to do it with my straight hair, It ends up
    looking very spiky and flat. I definitely recommend you use a straightener
    or curling iron to shape your hair. If you don’t have one. You can also
    use a round brush and a blow dryer to get a slight curl in your hair to
    make styling easier. Start with damp hair. Use the round brush to curl you
    hair around and blow dry on a hot setting. Goodluck! -Tyler

  3. Slikhaar TV

    Awesome well done thanks for making the video, hair is looking good and
    great technique. Best regards Rasmus Albrechtsen Slikhaar TV

  4. Alan Sam

    Good job I’ve been doing my Asian hair wrong lol. I guess I’m missing the
    curling part.

  5. MyChorizoSausage

    finally happy i’ve found a channel that helps asian guys with straight
    boring hair, keep the videos coming

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