David Beckham is eyeing high-profile players to his expansion team

Back when David Beckham was a player in the MLS, he helped increase the level of play of the American League and also the image of the sport in USA.

There is no doubt whatsoever that Beckham is one of the most influential figures in the world and after arriving to the MLS as a player of LA Galaxy, this opened new avenues of interest as football received more attention and grew to further levels.

Even after retiring, Beckham still continues making a huge impact in the MLS by purchasing a Miami based franchise expansion team. The Englishman has a desire to own a professional football team that competes in the MLS and the biggest obstacle that he is facing right now was the creation of a stadium but a few weeks ago it was confirmed that his group of investors acquired a private land which the stadium is expected to be built.

Now that the stadium issue is being resolved, David Beckham is being rumored on targeting which players he wants to join his expansion team and reports has been emerging claiming that C.Ronaldo and ZlatanIbrahimovic are in the watch-list of Beckham as possible players that might be signed in the near future.

The Miami MLS franchise team of David Beckham is expected to be performing in the American league in 2017 or 2018, everything will be mostly depending on the development of the stadium.

When ZlatanIbrahimovic was asked about performing in the MLS, he replied by saying: “I would like to play in U.S., absolutely. I think it would be an amazing experience. Which team? Am I allowed to say that? No, I cannot say that.”

Real Madrid’s C.Ronaldo has a contract with the Spanish club that extends until 2018, by the time that his deal with Madrid ends, it’s possible that the Miami based MLS expansion team of David Beckham will have everything already finished including their stadium and Beckham is believed to be attempting to lure the Portuguese to his team.