David Beckham – Real Madrid (2003-2007)

Quick film about carrer David’s Beckham on the Genuine Madrid. Krótki movie o karierze Davida Beckhama w Realu Madryt.

25 thoughts on “David Beckham – Real Madrid (2003-2007)

  1. paulisftw

    @MrPineappleGuy Before David Beckham came along, Free Kicks and Crosses didn’t mean much, but David Beckham change all of that and stunned everyone with his incredible abilities to do ridiculously good free kicks and crosses that people like Cristiano Ronaldo all wish they could do them as good as him.

  2. MrPineappleGuy

    @paulisftw he killed it, with all his motherfucking crossses into the box, making big, clumsy players look good.
    xavi – he’s the one that’s revolutionising football in todays world.

    it’s stil impressive. i really admire the way he can kick the ball with such precision over so long distances

  3. tururu1981

    “Beckham cannot kick with his left foot, he cannot head a ball, he cannot tackle and he doesn’t score many goals. Apart from that he’s all right.”

    George Best.

  4. teamdriveradrian

    xavi,iniesta,cesc fabregas< than Beckham,the best passer of all time pes stats-99 in pass

  5. mrC4rr0t

    @darkneyss00 ’19-2000′ by ‘gorillaz’
    its the remix version but i like the original better 🙂

  6. TheZikuta

    real buys best players and ruin them like beckham ronaldo roberto carlos almost robinho nut ac milan save him

  7. AndreDarkAngel

    Real is always stacked with talent. The problem is that a collection of the best players doesn’t make the best team.

  8. HappyCris13

    Thumbs up me if You want to Beckham in ManU again! Sir. A. Ferguson must know who buy!! 🙂 There’s no one to takes freekicks!

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