15 thoughts on “David Beckham vs Jason Kreis (head Coach Real Salt Lake): After Game

  1. nmbanana

    Kreis is a sore loser and beckham’s play led to the galaxy winning, those games in hand for rsl didn’t play to their advantage, now did it

  2. Trulyloyale

    @lifesabitch47 I was just talking of soccer, which in the US is at a very low level ( and this video just proves it ) very close to garbage , no other implied meaning .

  3. lifesabitch47

    @g67kj no becks stay in southern california, dont live in that shitty english country
    doesnt feel good when someone passively aggressively insults you does it.

  4. lifesabitch47

    @Trulyloyale US garbage, waht in this video inspired you to say that. I think you just wanted to say that. Funny thing is that italians are probabaly one of the nicest groups of people that visit the united states. So why act out of your better character


    @cupolove1 finally someone who talks abit of sense. I’m sick of the ‘Beckham is the best!’ club he most definitely ISN’T and has never been one of the best footballers in the world. Great passer yes, Great set piece taker yes, but to put him in the league of Zidane’s, Henry’s, Ronaldo’s… no chance. I’d love to have seen how far he would have got in his life if he had instead looked like Luke Chadwick

  6. cupolove1

    @JakeSCANDALS I agree that becks is a superstar and no one other than Henry is even close in the league in that regard, but there are actually quite a few players that play at a high level in the league. Becks is still an INCREDIBLE passer and set piece threat, but there are other good players. he actually might not be the best player on his own team. Landon Donovan is better at this point in his career by most accounts. not to take away from Beckham’s legacy or current form though.


    It seems to me that the Salt Lake manager started it by hollering something at him as he jogged off. Beckham is a superstar and no-one comes close to him in that bullshit excuse for a football league, so he has to accept there will be gross jealousy from others

  8. dsdude1107

    wow, he just went over to shake his hand and that coach just mouthed him off…. what a dick….

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