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Real Madrid are against a player-cash deal in the talks with Manchester United for goalkeeper David De Gea.

United are interested in either of Alvaro Morata or James Rodriguez – both players are struggling in the Real set-up under Coach Zinedine Zidane.

As De Gea gets set for the deal to happen this time, Spanish sources claim Real Madrid do not want a player-cash deal this time, amid reported interests in its stars. Real Madrid and United came close to completing the deal for the Spaniard in 2015 but the deal slipped on deadline day due to clerical error. So De Gea had to renew his deal by four years. He is contracted to Old Trafford until 2019 with the option of extending by a year.

Even then it was a player-cash deal but Madrid have backed out of such this time. They have told their partners that there is no chance of such happening except United bid separately for the players. Continue reading

Antoine Griezmann Claims that David Beckham is His Idol

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Atletico Madrid striker Antoine Griezmann may have recently signed a contract to confirm his stay at the Vicente Calderon, but he will continue to be linked with English clubs.

Griezmann comes on the back of a very disappointing 2016. After having finished as the runners up in the Champions League, the Frenchman was hoping for some consolation in the form of a title at the Euro 2016. Hopes for the same were raised immensely when the team was set to play in the Euro 2016 final against Portugal, who were the overwhelming underdogs despite possessing superstar Cristiano Ronaldo.

However, there was more disappointment forGriezmann as France were beaten by Portugal. Showing no signs of the double disappointment, the Frenchman is already looking forward to the 2016-17 season. He says that David Beckham is his biggest idol, but it remains to be seen if he will follow in the footsteps of Beckham by playing in England. Chelsea, Manchester City, and Manchester United have been showing interest in the player for quite a while. His decision to extend the contract with Atletico Madrid could not have come at a better time for the Spanish club as they are struggling to get the first win of the season.
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Beckham Treats His Mother To A Wimbledon Match

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With England’s dismal performance in the Premier League it should come as no surprise that many want the coach of the team to be someone different this time.

Among the several names that have been coming up, Beckham’s name has been on the list. Having captained England for several years and led them into several victories, it is being felt that the leadership skills of Beckham would work well to get the team together to perform better in future tournaments.

Beckham is known to have been a great leader when he was active on the field. Today he is part of most welfare campaign such as spreading awareness about basic hygiene in developing countries to help prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS or assisting in campaigns of encouraging the game of football in countries like China. On a personal front the ex footballer has been celebrating his seventeenth anniversary with his wife and also attending the Wimbledon matches with his mother. Both of them went to watch the Andy Murray’s match recently that was being played out on the court. He purchased one of the coveted seats for his mother, the Royal Box in Center Court. Continue reading

Beckham To Be The Next Manager For England?

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There are very few people who have not heard of Beckham and of his legendary feats on the field.

Even though the English football captain has long retired from the field, his popularity is like a cult following. That definitely rises from the athlete being nothing less than a star and a natural leader. Today he is part of a campaign by UNICEF where the focus is about spreading awareness about basic hygiene issues and helping children and women in developing countries across the world. Beckham admits that the goal is an ambitious one, but the money that is raised is definitely being used for different awareness campaigns.

There is a 7 Fund that he is a part of and it focuses on education for children, ensuring basic drinking water and freedom from diseases like AIDS and HIV.
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David Beckham is eyeing high-profile players to his expansion team

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Back when David Beckham was a player in the MLS, he helped increase the level of play of the American League and also the image of the sport in USA.

There is no doubt whatsoever that Beckham is one of the most influential figures in the world and after arriving to the MLS as a player of LA Galaxy, this opened new avenues of interest as football received more attention and grew to further levels.

Even after retiring, Beckham still continues making a huge impact in the MLS by purchasing a Miami based franchise expansion team. The Englishman has a desire to own a professional football team that competes in the MLS and the biggest obstacle that he is facing right now was the creation of a stadium but a few weeks ago it was confirmed that his group of investors acquired a private land which the stadium is expected to be built.

Now that the stadium issue is being resolved, David Beckham is being rumored on targeting which players he wants to join his expansion team and reports has been emerging claiming that C.Ronaldo and ZlatanIbrahimovic are in the watch-list of Beckham as possible players that might be signed in the near future.

The Miami MLS franchise team of David Beckham is expected to be performing in the American league in 2017 or 2018, everything will be mostly depending on the development of the stadium. Continue reading

What has become to David Beckham?

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Manchester United fans will remember David Beckham during this time with the Red Devils where he made 394 appearances for the club. He was indeed part of the so-called class of 92 together with players such as RyanGiggs, Gary Neville, Phil Neville, Nicky Butt and Paul Scholes. During his time with the Red Devils, he will manage 85 goals for them.

David Beckham was renowned for the quality of his crosses, and it is not players such as Andy Cole and Dwight Yorke who will complain. Both strikers have scored an innumerable amount of goals from crosses delivered by Beckham. He was also an expert free-kick taker for Manchester United.

After his retirement, David Beckham has been devoting as much time as possible to his family. While his wife, Victoria worked on developing her fashion line, David spends more time with the children and taking care of the house.

Recently there was a video released with David Beckham taking her daughter, Harper on a hike in Los Angeles. Both father and daughter appeared to be enjoying themselves and cherish every moment they spent together. Continue reading

Beckham is optimistic aboutZidane’s new managerial role in Madrid

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David Beckham and ZinedineZidane played alongside each other in Real Madrid a few years ago during the era of the: ‘’Galacticos’’, this was a period of time when the Spanish club offloaded a huge amount of money in signing world class players including: Ronaldo, Zidane, Beckham and Figo.

Those were the main stars of the team, Real Madrid still had other top players but those were the bigger ones which had more influence than the rest and were considered to be key figures.

June 17 of 2007 marked the day that David Beckham played his final match for Real Madrid before eventually going off to join LA Galaxy.Zidane on the other hand, played his last match in May of 2006 but the Frenchman decided to remain with Real Madrid as he took up a managerial position for the 2nd team of Real Madrid, their youth academy.

As the year passed on, Zidane continued earning his coaching badges and now he has turned into the head coach of Real Madrid. Rafael Benitez was recently sacked and now ZinedineZidane was selected as his replacement. Beckham voiced his opinion concerning this change and the English midfielder says that Zidane is the best choice.

Beckham wrote on his twitter account: “Does it get any better than this? A man that has been the best at a game we all love taking over a club that myself and many more people love. Someone with drive, passion and also doesn’t accept failure on any level taking over from a manager that has huge experience and respect in the game, but taking on a position that he will relish. The best person for the job’’ Continue reading

David Beckham retired from playing professional competitive football

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It’s been over a year since David Beckham retired from playing professional competitive football and the English midfielder stated that one of the main reasons on why his time on the pitch was over is because he wanted to start spending more time with his family.

During his playing time, at one point in time Beckham was the best paid footballer as the Englishman had an attractive set of skills that drew the attention of many top clubs around the world and they were willing to pay the English midfielder a hefty fee in order to secure his services.

Beckham is considered to be one of the best set-piece takers in the history of the sport and this was one of the reasons on why the former English midfielder was one of the players that every top club wanted to have in their teams.

David Beckham is no longer performing in any club but it has now been revealed that the former Manchester United star has earned more money in 2014 than ever before of his playing career.

Simon Fuller is the advisor of David Beckham and one of the reasons on why the earnings of the retired player skyrocketed in 2014 was due to 2 deals which were made involving his advisor.

Fuller and Beckham partnered with the beverage giants Diageo as they are planning on launching a new single grain Scotch whiskey, Haig Club and both of them will be working with the beverage company and developing the brand is one of things that they are planning to accomplish. Continue reading

David Beckham son joining MU

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David Beckham kicked off his professional career with Manchester United as he made his debut at the age of 17 and his 15 year old son Brooklyn Joseph is doing a similar thing as he was pictured in Arsenal’s under-16 squad.

Brooklyn Joseph has already went through a number of trials with different clubs including: Chelsea, Fulham, Manchester United and Queens Park Rangers and he has impressed the staff members of all those clubs but the young player ultimately decided to join Arsenal on a short term deal which was officially announced back in November of 2014.

All of the sons of David Beckham seem to have taken an interest in the world of football as Brooklyn Joseph isn’t the only one who has joined a team a young age. Continue reading

David Beckham dream to buy team in MLS

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David Beckham’s dream on having his own soccer team in the MLS has been put under threat and his dream might not turn into a reality due to his project not having local support as well as a number of other reasons.

The mayor of Miami-Dade Carlos Gimenez supported the project of David Beckham and just when everything seemed like all of the process was going to kick-off with green light, it has stumbled and struggled with one of the biggest concerns being the implementation of his new stadium as the location still has not been selected.

2 different proposals have been launched from a group of investors which is led by David Beckham with the proposals revealing different locations of where the 20,000 seat stadium could be built. One of those locations is near the Miami Heat’s arena along Biscayne Boulevard while the proposal was for the stadium to be built at PortMiami.

The county mayor and the city mayor supported these proposals but they were denied by Miami officials and the stadium lost its support which has seriously complicated the plans of David Beckham.

The Major League Soccer commissioner Don Garber unveiled details concerning the project and development of David Beckham.

“If we can’t get the right stadium, we can’t go to Miami. We have been challenged to find a site that we believe will be successful. I’m neither optimistic nor pessimistic.It really is a very simple position we are in, if we can’t get the right stadium, we can’t go to Miami.We had two sites on the waterfront. Both were supported by the city mayor and the county mayor, and then we lost that support, so it is clear to me that it is a complicated market in a wide variety of ways,” Garber said.