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Beckham Gets The Green Signal From Miami Voters To Negotiate Stadium Deals For MLS Club

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David Beckham’s long-standing deal of the stadium is all set to manifest as the Miami voters give permission to the city officials to negotiate one of the deals with no lease with the Beckham’s group this Tuesday. The Beckhams want to turn Melreese Country Club, Golf course for the public around into a space for a Major League Soccer complex, a retail shop along with a star hotel, guaranteeing an annual range of 4 million dollars to the city. They have turned to Melreese after getting tossed over in several other sites over past five years, ever since he dreamt of it. Tuesday’s win was indeed an important one, though isn’t promising enough.

The Beckhams group has taken the responsibility to remove the waste that proves to be toxic on the site and also do the payment of a wage, thereby expanding around 35 million dollars. The deal has faced a lot of criticism. Some local golfers want the course to be safe while other Miami residents want to get a value that is fair while leasing or selling the property. The Beckhams group has assured to bring up homegrown talents and championship winning players while ensuring a redressal to all the complaints of the locals.
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