24 thoughts on “The Real David Beckham 2

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  2. Skylight Shine

    the conversation in 3:26 David Beckham says that’s he’s stupid and Victoria says” But that doesn’t make you stupid, they are all ugly” and David Beckham says” So am I” shows how humble he is even being that good looking. He is such a kind-hearted man, such a good example and a role model. God Bless him.

  3. jessica Valentina

    I looove him, seriously i’v never seen a man who can have soo many different hair’styles As David Beckham & still look as good as him! he’s sooo handsome !! :*<3

  4. Dr Amira sabry

    It’s sad He isn’t Confident enough that he’s Convinced he’s Stupid I felt so bad for him…
    he’s the most kind and caring person I’ve ever watched and let’s not forget he’s a Super star,There are alot of people who are not even half his fame and Cocky Bastards!
    Respect more than Love for You Becks.

  5. Eddie Hotrod

    Dave, I can confirm: you are one thick bastard. I have never seen a person as dense as you.

  6. steelix18


  7. tishie321

    I think its her habit? XD When i see her in most videos i sometimes see her biting her fingernails and i think its like reflex or something. she does it unconsciously ,. well thats just me. .

  8. Sadia Chowdhury

    Whats with Victoria biting her nail/finger at 2:58? it is disgusting! Anyway, she is gorgeous! Love her style and the way she carries herself!

  9. jessicasweetie92

    that isnt a real story…its a joke saying he can’t breathe without being told to

  10. secretme127

    FUCKING HELL HE IS HOT.. It’s sad that he’s not confident. HE IS SMART… and such a sweet person 🙂

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