What has become to David Beckham?

Manchester United fans will remember David Beckham during this time with the Red Devils where he made 394 appearances for the club. He was indeed part of the so-called class of 92 together with players such as RyanGiggs, Gary Neville, Phil Neville, Nicky Butt and Paul Scholes. During his time with the Red Devils, he will manage 85 goals for them.

David Beckham was renowned for the quality of his crosses, and it is not players such as Andy Cole and Dwight Yorke who will complain. Both strikers have scored an innumerable amount of goals from crosses delivered by Beckham. He was also an expert free-kick taker for Manchester United.

After his retirement, David Beckham has been devoting as much time as possible to his family. While his wife, Victoria worked on developing her fashion line, David spends more time with the children and taking care of the house.

Recently there was a video released with David Beckham taking her daughter, Harper on a hike in Los Angeles. Both father and daughter appeared to be enjoying themselves and cherish every moment they spent together.

Before this, there was a photograph released about David Beckham sewing a dress for her daughter.

David Beckham also spends time away from his family with him going camping with his mates at Lazy Sky. There was no sign of the former Manchester United player missing his family while he enjoyed the trip with his friend.

He posted pictures of the camping site on Instagram and stated that he was delighted to be spending this time with his buddies.

David Beckham seems to have a well-balanced life and that he did not really miss his footballing life. Indeed, with a career where he has won multiple trophies with the different teams he has played for, he can definitely relax and enjoy life now.