05/03/08 LA Galaxy vs. Real Salt Lake

Two precision strikes from David Beckham have been plenty of to give the Los Angeles Galaxy a two-two tie in opposition to Western Conference foe True Salt Lake at Rice-Eccles Stadium on Saturday night.
Video clip Rating: four / five

25 thoughts on “05/03/08 LA Galaxy vs. Real Salt Lake

  1. rofltuesdays

    Half these comments are about butthurt idiots fighting over what this sport is called.

  2. SdotLondonSayNoMore

    At 2:03, did i hear “an ankle breaker”?
    WTF do u think this is? This ain’t wrestling, this ain’t no wwe bullshit!
    This is the reason why americans should never have had access to our beloved football. Your making us look bad, and judging by this vid, so was becks!
    Welcome back to Europe.

  3. alexsaveski

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  4. slannmage

    You can’t expect Beckham to shine within a team of poor players because he needs support from the team and he is all about his amazing passes. LA Galaxy look all over the place and Beckham just acts as a loner cause he has no confidence in the team. When playing for England he trusts them because they’re great players and plays very differently.

  5. slannmage

    Beckham is still a great player and is amazing for England, just a shame he went to LA Galaxy cause they suck. Micheal Owen needs to go over there to get his confidence up after being injured so many times.

  6. ihatewhereilive

    you cant rate a player on how many titles their team has won. Becks used to be world class, now he is just an average MLS player. Everybody has to get older, but in my opinion fabregas was always better.

  7. philly24488

    he wasn’t the key in the spanish squad man they could’ve done without him and probably still won

  8. philly24488

    we’ll see how many cups and titles fabregas wins, and then compare. cuz beckham was the face of united for many years, altho i know cantona and keane were there, beckham was their man. and they won, a lot

  9. lovestevengerrard

    i like beckham. but the thing with him is that he is fantastic at some games, but then bad on others.
    He is still an amazing player

  10. tko360

    the good thing is people can now see through the hype and relies he is a disappointment! the fans will boo him on Saturday!!!

  11. foley50

    Becks hadn’t won the Euro though had he? I’m not wrong no matter what you think, and to be honest most football pundits would agree with me.

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