Former Manchester United star David Beckham has said that Harry Redknapp would make a great manager for England following the wake of Fabio Capello’s resignation as the England manager. Fabio Capello decided to step down from his post as the England manager after suffering serious breakdown in relationship with the English football Association over the goal of the captain’s armband from Chelsea captain John Terry. The surprise resignation of Fabio Capello has brought a major hindrance towards the preparations for the Euro 2012 in the summer. The English football Association has revealed that it is working towards appointing a manager in place of Fabio Capello as soon as possible.

Harry Redknapp is one of the favourites to take over from Fabio Capello. The current Tottenham manager has been doing a great job for the North London club over the past few years. He has not only been able to guide Tottenham to a Champions League position, but has also guided them to the quarter-finals of the Champions League and also to a position where they can challenge for the title. Tottenham can be considered as outsiders for the Premier league title this season, as there are only a few points away from leaders Manchester City.

“Harry’s a great man, great manager. His man management is incredible. I know players, obviously, who have played under him. I’ve trained under him. He’s not just a great manager but he’s a great person as well. I’ve been working with Fabio for quite a few years. It’s sad, obviously that he stepped at a critical stage for England,” Beckham told reporters. Former England captain David Beckham played under Fabio Capello at Real Madrid and also at international level, although they both did not get along well in both levels of their careers.