Beckham In Motorcycle Crash

The former star of Manchester United and retired footballer David Beckham has made headlines around the world as he still continues being at the spotlight but this time it was because of a motorcycle which occurred after the Englishman lost control of custom-built Super Vintage 93″ Knuckle and the bike finished up in the middle of Sunset Boulevard after Beckham had left the popular Shamrock Tattoo studio.

According to reports it is believed that David Beckham was trying to avoid paparazzi and ultimately caused him on not being able to keep the motorcycle under his control which finished up with Beckham being bandaged on his left arm but it was nothing too serious.

After he crashed down and managed to get back up to his feet, Beckham went on calling a few of his friends from the nearby tattoo parlour which helped him move the bike away from the street.

This is not the first time that retired football player has gone through a similar incident as he also crashed his Range Rover last year but also managed to escape the accident without facing any severe consequences or injuries, however there was another car crash occasion that came as a shock involving Beckham and his 15 year old son Brooklyn as both of them were in a car during rush hour on one of Los Angeles’ busiest highways back in 2011 and this incident ended up with a multiple car pile-up but Beckham and his son managed to escape it unharmed.

Since announcing his retirement from playing competitive football, Beckham has been focusing on establishing the Major League Soccer team he bought for $25 million which is expected to begin playing in 2016 or 2017, all of this depends on how fast the stadium can be built as the Englishman has recently been facing a number of setbacks.