Former England international David Beckham will be remembered forever in the football world following his illustrious 20 year career which saw him represent European elite clubs including Manchester United, Real Madrid, Milan, LA Galaxy and Paris St. Germain.

However things have changed for Beckham in recent years, as the midfielder – known for his unique fashion style in his playing days – has delved fulltime into the fashion world.

The Manchester United legend teamed up with Peaky Blinders for the launching of their new clothing range. He turned up to London Fashion Week looking dapper, donning a flat cap and wool coat as it is believed the fashion icon could have been auditioning for a role on the show.

Whilst he might seem to be more at home at football matches – with his love of Manchester United well known, and tickets easily available via this link – he seems to be equally comfortable at a Fashion Show.

Beckham appears to be suited to the bright colours of Los Angeles and Paris than the dark 1920s Birmingham but he appears to have developed a liking for 20th century fashion. Peaky Blinders new clothing range designed by Daniel Kearns was unveiled by Kent & Curwen – a label co-owned by David Beckham.

The clothing range received positive reviews from around the media as it features everything you would expect to see in Ezra Miller’s wardrobe, who portrayed The Flash in DC’s flagship movie Justice League. Peaky Blinders have proven themselves to be a huge hit since their BBC launch in 2013. They have been partly responsible for the return of old-fashioned attires such as flat caps into the fashion world.

The whole Beckham family – wife Victoria and son Brooklyn – got in on the act as they were pictured in collarless shirts and peg trousers. The former Manchester United and Real Madrid midfielder later revealed his family are very big fans of the fashion show and that his love of the flat cap stems from his grandfather.

David Beckham is a former English professional footballer who last played for French Ligue 1 outfit Paris St. Germain.