25 thoughts on “David Beckham Ellen Degeneres October 2010

  1. 97dancergal

    Did I feel a thumb? Ricky does not like thumbs!!!! Happy birthday rickie!! hahahahahahaha his accent makes in 1000000000 times better. its so hard to be pretty!!!! hahahahahahahahahahahaha

  2. Dunidun1


    I never laughed soooo hard thaaaank u ellen!!! HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH

  3. stemstar

    his accent is sooooooooooooooooooo hot!!!!!!! and of course he is hot!!!!!!!! and also i noticed he could be a good actor. he didn’t laugh at all.

  4. martingulbrandsen

    “Do you mind if I take my shirt off?” Never has a more stupid question been asked.. LOL;)

  5. Shakirrito

    hahaha isnt she great or what??? I think shes the only 1 that can get way with this n more n everybody will be like soooo funny its Ellen!!! love u girl!!!

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