25 thoughts on “David Beckham, Reggie Bush: Taking Soccer Penalties

  1. kevman2093

    @twentybinders lol ok then how about you play against one of the best players on a sport you never played lol

  2. vamp53

    horny lol? yerrr i am! my names Jessica fancy a webcam chat wher i might treat u!!!!! cum join me Play-Cam (.COM)

  3. soccerz619

    more common meaning that’s the only one people ever use…if you went there and said let’s play balonpie! they’d think you are an idiot.

  4. soccerz619

    well, football is what the english call it. notice futbol, futebol, not football. they look and sound similar, but are different. for instance, ‘pie’ is spanish for foot, yet they call it futbol, not piepelota or something. i see your point though.

  5. vikfk

    It’s not english people, it’s non-americans who says football.
    Spanish fútbol [ˈfutbol], Portuguese: futebol, Romanian: fotbal, Galician: fútbol, Catalan: futbol, France: le football, the Russian word is futbol,the Turkish word is futbol, the Albanian word is futboll, Norwegian: Fotball, Danish, Fotbold.

  6. soccerz619

    thank you. as a ‘soccer’ player, i feel like an idiot to the rest of the world, calling it soccer when English people say football. it makes so much more sense to change the name of it to something else, thoguh I think most Americans would get mad if we changed the name of it haha

  7. vanbasten44

    and what the fuk makes u better stop makin fun of yanks u english faggot

    all english think they r god at eveything fuck all english bastards

    come back to me wen england win penalites and beat spain home and away and beat sweden

    fuck u ENGLAND

    haha penalites

  8. agush22

    In american football they kick the ball every once in a while when they cant run, or make a pass, etc… they should yield the real name to real football (I’m not saying that american football is bad, just that the name makes no sense)

  9. TZspartan06

    yea guys seriously. Im american and i play American Football, but i LOVE playing soccer(football) in my free time. I’m actually prettty good and have learned to bend a ball pretty well. its a tremendus sport and i hate it when ignorant americans trash it. it makes ppl like me look bad who enjoy the sport

  10. Lebmob3

    i find it pretty pathetic how u two argue like a couple, i dont know why people on youtube just cant excpet diffrences we all have opinions end of story

  11. bassnboards04

    Wildfan how can you be so ignorant? Soccer is THE WORLD’S game…the US is the only country that doesn’t have soccer as the main sport. Hockey is Soccer for people who are too clumsy and steroid-abusing to play soccer…I also like how you describe a soccer ball as little…then how big is the little drink coaster that the hockey players slap around. Soccer is the best sport in history. End of story.

  12. richarddsfar

    Well, that isn’t true, is it? American Football and Baseball are slow and stupid and boring as hell. They’re slow so fatties can go get more nachos during the breaks.

  13. Wildfan170

    And plus nobody in the US cares about soccer it’s a stupid sport you kick a little ball around for 90min your rarly score and it’s boring as HELL!

  14. Wildfan170

    Soccer is Hockey for the WEAK you cant hit people. I mean come on you head butt sombody and get kicked out thats gay.

  15. Fauldhouse5

    i went to america to see my family and i had a go at American Football. It ok but it’s a bit slow paced for me.

  16. Allan420th

    tight video. glad to see the promoters are finally attempting to acknowledge the audience into both “footballs”. There are too many stupid idiots like most who post here that take sides and proclaim one sport as superior over the other. Any way you look at it, this is good for “socca” in America, and I’m glad because lets be realistic here, football/soccer is the world’s most played and popular sport so its unexcusable the US is underexposed.

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