25 thoughts on “David Beckham would ‘love to be in Olympics’

  1. andyslaybids

    @SeventhSun what’s your problem? no im not gay, wether or not david is a beast has nothing to do with it either. so idk who you think you are but pull the rod out of your ass

  2. SeventhSun


    He should appear on your bed with man boobs and a bikini.

    Yucks but I know it floats your boat.

  3. Pepper6464

    @andyslaybids Okay. Goodbye even though you have refused to answer any of my questions. With all due respect and no offense but I think you have stopped arguing because you know deep down you have lost the argument. Peace out and it was nice arguing with you.

  4. andyslaybids

    @Pepper6464 Well i’d personally be fine with getting payed millions from sponsors for drinking their product or posing with it for a couple of days 😛
    I’m gonna stop arguing cause you and i are the same, we love getting into flame wars with people on the internet, peace!

  5. Pepper6464

    @andyslaybids David Beckham is the most known and popular professional athlete to endorse products more than any other professional athlete on the planet. There’s nothing wrong with selling products that has nothing to do with the athlete’s sport of choice. Global consumerism and capitalism is how our world works these days. It’s just that Beckham does it with overkill. Too much too soon for this sell out.

  6. Pepper6464

    @andyslaybids How can he help football grow in America if he doesn’t sell it? Yes you can sell football. How else can you explain the millions of football fans, the consumers? Football is a product, a multi-billion dollar industry. He chosen to sell football when he accepted his multi-million dollar deal with the MLS. He is also a salesman. I never said he is in the soda making business. He is good on selling Pepsi not Football. You have no logic. You spew stupidity and look like a moron.

  7. andyslaybids

    @Pepper6464 he isn’t here to sell football to america, he’s here to help it grow and do his job. He doesn’t have to sell football nor can you sell football, but he does do a good job selling the brands. Also David has never been in the “soda making” buisness. He’s endorsed/sponsored by pepsi, and from the way you’re talking you don’t know what that is or how he does it. Almost all pro players of any sport are endorsed by companies that dont involve their sport. Stop looking stupid now.

  8. Pepper6464

    @andyslaybids You are correct on one thing, Beckham is the most itemized athlete ever. He is a corporate advertisers money making wet dream. Think about all of the products and brands he endorses which completely has nothing to do with football. He’s good at selling Pepsi. But he sucks at selling football to America. His suckiness exemplifies because football is his career of choice not soda making.

  9. Pepper6464

    @andyslaybids Ok, so Beckham took 6-7 years to play for Real Madrid in Spain. So what? Lampard has still scored more goals and assist than Beckham when you look at the overall career statistic which includes all goals and assists in all leagues. Even Lampard has more goals and assist than Beckham when it comes down to the English National team. Beckham is paid more because he isn’t the best football legend, he is the best brand for advertisers to sell. Football clubs jump on that money train.

  10. Pepper6464

    @andyslaybids Is writing in all caps suppose to scar me or change my mined or something? Only people who don’t know how to get their point across use all caps.All caps doesn’t not make your comment more effective. You’re not getting it. I’m not talking about if they foul, I’m taking about when only one team has been fouled, an event that has happened not if it happens. Only one team can have a free kick at one time, therefore, that team at the moment has the advantage over the other. So wtf?

  11. andyslaybids

    @Pepper6464 You’re not getting it! BOTH TEAMS CAN FOUL, SO BOTH TEAMS CAN HAVE FREE KICKS. Since both teams can have free kicks, both teams can have excellent goal scorers. David wouldn’t be named played of the decade because theres a 6-7 year gap where his goals wouldn’t count. Also Becks wasn’t even in the premier league then so wtf are you comparing? David is payed as much as he is because he’s more than a legend in his own right, he’s probably the most itemized athlete ever.

  12. Pepper6464

    @andyslaybids Free kicks are rewarded to the team that were fouled. Why would the referee reward this to the fouled team if it didn’t unbalance the playing field? In 2009, Frank Lampard was named player of the decade by the Premier League for official statistics. Frank Lampard has earned 705 assist and 210 goals in his entire career whereas David Beckham has earned 654 assists and 120 goals. Mind you, Lampard started his career later than Beckham.; Lampard’s ’95-’96 vs Beckhams ’92-’93.

  13. Pepper6464

    @andyslaybids You started with the deterioration of comments with the use of ‘shut’. Glad to see you admit your mistakes. So you don’t think not performing to the level of your salary is unfair? You must be one of those people who kiss the asses of bankers, politicians, and anyone else with authoritative powers. It is up to ordinary people to demand what’s fair. Without people who fight for equality, women would still couldn’t vote, blacks would still be segregated, poor will get poorer, etc.

  14. andyslaybids

    @Pepper6464 Let’s just stop with saying shut or anything because it deteriorates the comment. I honestly don’t see any other player anywhere have this many highlight assists or goals, not to mention passes that certainly could be goals, in the league. And since when MUST you preform at the level of your salary to be a professional, I didn’t know you wrote the rules or said the everything in life is fair. And there are 2 teams, so both teams can have the same ad/disadvantage.

  15. Pepper6464

    @andyslaybids Why don’t you shut your face? True, not every player scores a kick in every game but why is Beckham still the highest earning player in the league when he doesn’t perform to the level of his salary? To be a total professional, you must perform to the level of your salary. It’s only fair. They call the them free kicks because they are rewards to the team who got fouled. The opposing team with the keeper is at a disadvantage.

  16. andyslaybids

    @Pepper6464 kid just shut up. you don’t see many other people scoring a free kick every game or even every week. Also the keeper knows that becks if probably going to shoot so he’s ready for the ball, and theres no special aid if it’s the rules. So you really lack anything to back what you say and certainly didn’t look at both sides of it.

  17. Pepper6464

    @Vextrix123 You comments to defend David Beckham lacks substance. You said “he just scored a free kick like a month ago.” There are two things wrong with your comment. 1) A month ago is a long time ago, come back to defend Beckam when he scores a free kick in every game or at least once a week 2) A free kick is a free kick, it gives the kicker a better opportunity to score, come back to defend Beckham when he scores without special aid from the referee. Special.

  18. Pepper6464

    @Vextrix123 Beckham could bring home a world cup, it takes good leadership to lead a team to victory, Beckham lacks vision and leadership. He quit being the England skipper at the end of the 2006 World Cup. Winners never quit, Losers never win. Beckham sounds like a loser to me. That’s why he’s special.

  19. Pepper6464

    @Vextrix123 You must be an idiot to have forgotten the MLS paid him millions more than the average professional soccer player in that league to play for the LA Galaxy all under the hope that Beckham would popularize the sport. Why the hell would the MLS pay Beckham that ridiculous amount of money if they weren’t hoping to get something out of it?

  20. Vextrix123

    @Pepper6464 1 person can not make a whole ligue better idiot and beckham cant bring a world cup home because it takes a team and your saying that he doent have a world cup last time i rember ronaldo doesn’t messi doesn’t

  21. Pepper6464

    @Vextrix123 Are you a stupid idiot? When has David Beckham made soccer as famous as basketball, football, and baseball in the USA? When has David Beckham brought home a world cup to England? Never, he must be special.

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