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25 thoughts on “Impossible Is Nothing – David Beckham ( adidas commercial )

  1. vishunuH

    David Beckham is the reason why i put on my boots every day when i play football. Ive met him and he said The same thing. Impossible is nothing.

  2. fcbayernpro13

    @xTheGiverx and how did you make it in football? You didn’t. Beckham is so nice and down to earth you should be simply embarrassed you are so ignorant as to think that. You, as would probably anyone else in this world, would do anything for 90,000 people chanting your name and wearing your name on their backs. Lay off Becks

  3. Legoman2022

    man who inspired me to practice free kicks everyday after the 2006 World Cup. Beckham is a legend!

  4. megabytemike89

    one of the most inspirational sporting figures for young people of this generation 🙂

  5. btmutd

    @xTheGiverx wow, you really know nothing about football do you ! living legend and a genuine nice guy.

  6. kubrick767

    @VonAndrew22 Some time ago I bought a new dictionary and the first thing I did was turn to the word “impossible” and clip it out of the book 🙂

  7. VonAndrew22

    Impossible is a word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they’ve been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact it’s an option. Impossible is not a declaration, it’s a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary.. IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING.

  8. XJNHMVz

    @gruntnooba yes and even though alot of people dont realize that goal is not scored by the guy who touched the ball last, but the one who touched it first, thats why beckham has not so much goals, he always creates the goal, like Xavi

  9. XJNHMVz

    @Laurenrockz4 yeah, its just that bad luck is haunting him everywhere, at 98 the foolish red card, 2002 , the damn brazilian scammers, 2006 Cristiano Ronaldos bullshit, 2010 damn injury and disallowed goal, and he would have also deserved a Ballon dor but lets hope that he gets called up by england for Euro 2012 or WC 2014 and he wins, because he remains one of englands best players and captains.

  10. XJNHMVz

    David Beckham cannot be compared with Cristiano Ronaldo, because Naldo dives, becks doesnt, naldo cheats, becks doesnt, naldo is still single, becks is married long time ago, but of course both are good people and friendly but Becks is a little bit less arrogant so at the end of the day Cristiano can be compared with David, but not the other way. Beckham had his flaws, but he is one of the most committed soccer players i have ever seen, at 36 years he still wants to play for his nation, good job

  11. ijoz23

    i am sad that Becks is no longer the England Captain, especially after 03.15 >< Support DB7 no matter what!!

  12. kevin2fla

    Anytime I feel discouraged I just watch this and it makes me feel like I can accomplish anything,

  13. carb122

    he may have made 1 mistake, but he made up for it every other time he pulled on the shirt, he is the ideal role model for young football wananbes, he is David Beckham.

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