James Ward-Prowse’s Record Compared to That of Beckham’s


Last Saturday’s game between Southampton and Chelsea ended with a win for Southampton and it was mainly for the goal scored by James Ward-Prowse. He closed in on a record set by David Beckham, the legend of Manchester United. The winning goal was executed by James as a free kick. This was seen by many as close to the tally set by David Beckham. 


Many are now talking about how James Ward-Prowse is close to the record set by David Beckham. He has now scored from a total of 17 free kicks during Premier League matches. This sets him one goal behind David Beckham who is regarded as the Goldenballs bearer. The free-kick goal was indeed a stunning win that James Ward-Prowse provided his team. Southampton also made an impressive statement with their wins, especially with Ruben Telles as their interim boss. Hence, Telles is sure to land the job by the time the season ends. 

Beckham is considered one of the most iconic personalities in the sports world, not only in football. Though he is now retired, this English footballer is considered a style icon even today. His face is also one of the most recognizable ones on this planet. Even though he hung up his boots many years hence, his accomplishments and abilities set the standard for games and footballers even today. 

Beckham played for many high-profile football clubs such as Manchester United, AC Milan, Real Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain, and others. He has gained several international and domestic titles across the Champions League, Premier League, and La Liga. Beckham is known for his free-kick talents, something that has come into the limelight yet again with the recent accomplishment of James Ward-Prowse of Southampton. His having reached 17 free-kick goals was being talked about since he has come close to Beckham’s set record of 18.