25 thoughts on “Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce & David Beckham – Pepsi Commercial 2005

  1. Stephany Fabian

    I’m still waiting on a music video collab between this 2 A-mazing &
    talented woman…

  2. Douglas Lima

    Queen Bee is so pretty… And she is the better singer and dancer. And she
    can do the both. Queen Bee I love U 3

  3. Francisco Cisneros

    Who ever says beyonce is a better dancer just shows how much yall knw, lol.
    Jlo smokes this illuminate bitch at dancing. Jlo is a natural born dancer,
    she’s been dancing all her life.

  4. Jennifer Decius

    i don’t see why people always comparing who is better … they both
    talented and beautiful… they did this commercial well….

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