24 thoughts on “Mourinho Wants Cech Reunion at Madrid? Beckham to Qatar? – The Rumor Mill

  1. Grimjoww69

    Beckam was good. WAS. Now he’s so so. Honestly, wherever he moves great for him, but he doesn’t have that touch anymore, sorry.

  2. Alphaigniter

    if i have sex with her i can put my plate full of food on her head and eat while i fuck her. ahahah FORHEADDDDDDDDD (ksi voice)

  3. Luimaster

    Guys stop dissing Gervinho.. I know Chamberlain is hot & young but have some respect, Gervinho is a good player and not unattractive, so don’t compare him to Lorelaine

  4. oMuziico

    Because Sir alex ferguson prefers two strikers up front. Rooney has been injured and Chicharito has been saving manchester united when RVP was struggling

  5. alchemicrb

    I bet 90% of the people insulting the very attractive Laura are under 15 year old virgins who fap 5 times on the daily.

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