Roy Keane Claims David Beckham with £1 Billion

Former Manchester United midfielder Roy Keane claims that his former United teammates like Ryan Giggs and David Beckham will probably worth around billions in this transfer market.

Keane has witnessed several players costing in excess of £ 50 million, while the summer transfer window has already witnessed two signings about £ 100 million. Neymar has become the world’s most expensive player by moving to Paris St Germain for around £ 196 million. The era of inflated transfer fees has been mainly fuelled by the growth in television money. A few decades ago, it was a huge surprise to see the world’s first £ 10 million player.

Keane now says that in this transfer market Giggs and Beckham would cost in the billions given their value to their respective clubs. He says that Beckham would cost around £ 1 billion while Ryan Giggs would be valued at around £ 2 billion. Both players enjoyed immensely successful careers for different reasons.

While Beckham was able to win a whole host of trophies and also bring in a lot of marketing revenue to his clubs, Ryan Giggs was a symbol of loyalty to Manchester United and he provided the club with excellent quality for almost 2 decades. Keane says that the players at the lower end of the chain are costing too much money.

“Ruud would certainly be worth in the market now probably a billion.David Beckham? A billion. Ryan Giggs? Two billion. It’s mind-boggling, the figures that are out there — especially for the average players. If ever there was a time to be a professional player it’s now. Average players are going for £35m. My goodness.I don’t really analyse it too much, but that’s the market place at the moment. There aren’t many top players out there,” said Keane.